Tuition free college success classes
FYE 105 Creating college success
2 class hr/wk, 2 credits
This class focuses on strategies for taking personal responsibility to create positive outcomes in college and life. Also Covered are areas concerning developing self-awareness, personal responsibility, self-motivation, and self-management. Fall 
SLD 101 Planning College Finances
1 class hr/wk, 1 credit
This class explores issues involved in creating a personal plan for financing higher education, including types of financial aid, scholarship searching, student loans, financial planning, and financial decision making strategies. Winter
CG 225 4-Year College Transition
2 class hr/wk, 2 credits
This class identifies criteria to use in selecting a college and major, and the connection between the transfer student’s current college and four-year colleges. Also provided are strategies and information to assist in the transition of the four year college systems. Spring

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